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January 6, 2004 --- Writing blog, maintaining website, drawing webcomic, in my afternoon pajama...

Okidoki. Now we have the first ever Pinoy City since the rollback. Please give support to Pinoy-made Pinoy webcomic material, like Pinoy City and... uhm, Pinoy City?

In other news: Just watched the whole G-On Riders series in its entirety. All I could say is I've never seen such a delightful blotch of fan-service clutter like that in my whole life. The "love theater" episode reeks of h-game goodness and they could never have done it better than making all the female characters wear glasses. This is quite an enjoyable show but only for those who are complete suckers for girls with glasses, like me.

And now, for a little bit of what's going on inside the head of everybody's least favorite web'toonist...

Andro-maid Zero: I'm sorry, Master theJames. I'll never interrupt your webcomics again.
Webtoonist theJames: [nosebleed] Woo! I gotta get myself one of these!!!

December 30, 2003 --- Oh crap

Due to circumstances beyond my control and largely due largely to stupidity on my part, I 'm not able to do the January 1 comic. However, I was able to fix the layout for this site, but that wasn't much of a feat, really. I'll try to put 'em in next week, if I could.

December 24, 2003 --- Merry Christmas folks!!!

Wow, and to think I won't be getting anything this season. There's this neat stack of art books which are quite nice. And a friend let me borrow his G-On Riders CDs, along with a bunch of Star Ocean ones. Now if only I could get the right codec for those files... But thanks anyway. And thanks a lot for the neat stuff, guys! The first comic since the rollback will be on January 1, next year. That is, if the auto-update mechanism still works like the way I remember it. Better go check.

December 21, 2003 --- Battlecruiser operational...

Ok, after that long hiatus, I've decided to put this whole thingy together and get on with it. But first I have to fix some parts up. For one, the blog needs to be rolled back and the comics size might need a bit of an adjustment.

No comic for now, or at least not just yet. But I'm starting to draw again so you folks just have to wait for a little while longer.

Pinoy City, © 2004, by James Lim

All characters in this comic are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
Pinoy City is hosted on Keenspace, they're a bunch of real nice and helpful folks. And guess what? It's all for free!!!

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