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Pinoy Exchange

It's just like any regular message board, complete with trolls, flamers, fan boys, propeller-heads, and all manner of internet life you'd find in any other message board out there. Except here, they're all Pinoy. Well, most of them.

Jammer's Lisa Loeb Shrine

What can I say? I love Lisa Loeb. Lisa Loeb is the coolest. I wanna marry Lisa Loeb (and that also goes to say: DWEEZIL!!!! WHY YOU.....). Bah, and I ain't no fool hiding it from anyone. It sort of started with the Stay video, then it was true love..... Oh, and the guy who made the site is Pinoy. So yay!

Maritess vs the Superfriends

Maritess eats punks like Aquaman for breakfast... Rex Navarette 0wnz j00!!!

Aelith Interactive

I met this lovely young lady lately and, my, her artworks kick ass. No wait, let me rephrase that: Her artworks kick major ass. Plus she's awfully nice and knows what she's doing. Heck, she knows a lot better than me. Cool chick. I mean, she wouldn't call herself Blue Ice for nothing.


There's no greater hive of nerdhood and geekiness than this one. Check out the message board, and join us if you know what movie I ripped the previous line from. Nerd.

A Fallouters' Site

We folks from the GameFAQs boards who have a common fondness for a certain post-apocalyptic role-playing game.

Nuklear Power

Not much of a fan of sprite comics, but this one I like too well. Oh and if you can't get enough of it, try asking Red Mage some stupid questions.

RPG World

This is the comic that got me started into these things. Love the catgirl.


Once you've browsed through the site's galleries, you'll never look at the White Mage and Matoya sprites from the original Final Fantasy the same way again. Plus Young Wang probably has the sexiest interpretation of Chrono Trigger's Lucca Ashtear out there.

Fighter's Generation

I like fighting games, as most adolescent male city-dwellers do. But I like them, more because I could always pick the sickest or the most unpopular character (or probably both) and use them to bash all of 'em poster-boy types. That and there's almost always a female character there who uses a whip (chicks with whips are cool) or wears glasses (chicks with glasses are hot).

Am I Baldur's Gate Or Not?

Stop looking a them elf-girl portraits and Vote For The Hamster, Dammit! Or else it'll get you in the eyes when you're not looking. You've been warned...

Mr. T vs. Everything

Mr. T takes on a celebrity and wins. Why? 'Coz Mr. T's helluva tough, foo'! And the van, his van is fast too! And when he starts to get on 'em , there ain't no time for jibba-jabba 'coz Mr. T's gonna throw 'em all helluva far! So visit this site unless you're even crazier than that foo' Murdoch.

The people around here are probably nuts. Or at least they're more nuts than me. Check out the Excitebike movie in there, if you've played the game as a kid, and you'll see why. If you haven't played that game yet, look for the one that has instructions on packing hamsters.

Stick Death

Ridiculously brutal. Truly American. What can I say?

Central Megane Terminal

All right, I'll admit it! I'm nuts for for girls with glasses, especially if they're the cute cosplaying geeky types who seem to love the sensation of being leered at by old Japanese businessmen... NOTE: Navigating Japanese pages can be pretty easy if you just click on any link that leads to a page that somewhat resembles a 'gallery' of sorts. Japanese people seem to like taking pictures too much, I suppose.

If you think my English is horrible, you might want to consider this site just to see how low I've actually sunk myself into.

Jump The Shark

These guys are dedicated to chronicling the fall of American TV shows. But something tells me this is just some place for cynical pop culture bashers to brood and whine all they can on the lack of anything they consider worthwhile on their shows.

The International Movie Database

Hey, wasn't the Six Feet Under guy the one who played Jesus in that Holy Week movie they always show you during those days before cable? Now here's the site to lay those eternal questions to rest. Probably one of the more useful sites on the net.


Another useful site on the web. Comes in handy if you want to curse hackers in their native tongue.


Go test your 6 Degrees thingy over here. Or you'll probably forget about this site being one of the most moving inventions of 2003 and just want to hook up with some Filipina teen celebrity or something. That's what every other male user I know do with their accounts. Like those celebrities would even care. Pah, are those celebrity accounts even real? Highly doubt it, if you ask me.

Pinoy City, © 2004, by James Lim

All characters in this comic are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
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