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Loan of the Rings?


Mover guys here in the Philippines use Elf trucks ('Elf' as in the motor company) at work.

January 26, 2004

This is how not to write an arc...

I did not originally intended Pinoy City as a gag strip. So now I'm starting to make the first Pinoy City arc right now, so that the Archives page would have at least one entry and not have that promiscuous little <Temporarily Unavailable> message in there anymore. I won't be updating for a bit while until I'm done with the arc.

Oh and if you haven't noticed yet, I've gotten rid of my Latest page and placed the last comic up front. Script issue.

And I'd like to thank Jessie for the Fallout CD. Been playing it for days for old time's sake. Where've you been all this time!?!?

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